My daughter, niece and I recently camped there for two nights (July 10 & July 11th).  After reading some of the reviews I must admit it was with great trepidation that I came along on this trip.

So, here's MY impression:

Even though we arrived well after the office was officially closed, a manager was on site and directed us to our camp spot.  The grounds man kindly showed us the way.

The place is actually an RV Park with quite a few long-term residents who have fences, gardens etc.  The rest of the area is for short-term stays.

The bathrooms were relatively clean - as clean as you can make them on a camp site, anyway.  I've been camping on many many campgrounds and this was at the top of the spectrum.  The bathroom building near the tent camping sites IS on a rise, but STEEP HILL is definitely exaggerated.  Two bathroom stalls plus a shower enclosure are inside the building (ladies side) plus two more porta-potties outside.  They were remarkably clean!

The groundsman - otherwise referred to as the janitor - kept riding the maintenance vehicle around checking on things.  He even offered to bring us fire wood and went so far as to actually light the fire for us!  It's not something we thought to  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First morning after getting up there was a VERY LARGE grey dog who peed and shat on our camping spot.  I wasn't about to mess with an animal that size so I let it.  Just not happy about it.  I got the impression this dog belongs to one of the long-time residents - and if that's the case - PLEASE remind them to keep their animals in their own yard!

We left fairly early and were gone all day.  Upon returning well after dark we went straight to sleep and it wasn't until the next day that we saw a fresh pile of fire wood stacked neatly by the fire pit!  We never did get a chance to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kindness and generosity!

The power outlet is one box with 4 outlets - one for each of the 4 camping spots.  Luckily we had a 25 ft outdoor extension cord - it barely reached, but that's because there was another camping spot in between us and the outlet.

Our fellow campers were kind and considerate and we didn't have to deal with any loud or obnoxious behaviors, I'm happy to report.

As we packed up there were a lot of fine spider webs on the top of the tent, but that's to be expected when camping under lots of - and has certainly no bearing on the way this campground is run.

All in all...would I go back?  Absolutely!

Inge S. - Hesperia, CA

Thank you so much for a stay in your wonderful park - love the fountain and the quiet!

Ann - Oceanside, CA